Committee - Denmead Cycle Ride - Annual Charity Cycling Event in Hampshire

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2018 Members :-

Mike Thwaites - local resident and chairman/founder of the event.

Brendan Gibbs - local resident, who contacts nearby large companies and organisations to gain their support. He also promotes the event with the local press and radio stations.

Dave Crompton - local resident, who organises the raffle/auction every year, and also any events that may take place on the field opposite the pub.

Annie Knight - local resident, who organises registration.

Darren & Dawn Anchor - Tenants of the Harvest Home.

Geof Alexander - local resident, who organises any stewarding required for the car park and rear garden.

Although not on the committee, Chrissie Hicks, who works in the Harvest Home, requires special mention because she books the bands that entertain us on the day and she organises most of the various stalls etc., which are set up around the pub.

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