Charity Information - Denmead Cycle Ride - Annual Charity Cycling Event in Hampshire

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Charity Information

   Reg. Charity   
No. 1124750

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   Reg. Charity   
No. 1066611

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This charity was set up in memory of a fun and
wonderful little girl. It offers breaks to families and
children with life threatening illnesses.
When Hannah was aged just 8, she was diagnosed
with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Sadly after a year of
treatments Hannah passed away peacefully at home,
aged just 10.
Whether undergoing treatment, recovering from or
sadly coping with bereavement, Hannah's Holiday
Home Appeal offers a FREE break :- Monday to Friday
or Friday to Monday, which is for all the family.
The luxurious holiday homes are on wonderful family
holiday villages, which offer a variety of facilities and
can cater for up to a family of 6.

The Roberts Centre began 30 years ago, recognising the needs of homeless families and children in Portsmouth,
It works with approx. 1000 families a year. It does not stop to ask if the people were to blame for being homeless, the charity's first and abiding response is to say 'What can we do to help'.
The charity will assist with trial tenancies and temporary housing support.
Apart from general support for children, it runs a nursery and every year organises holiday play schemes.
In 2014/15, the charity worked with over 2,700 children from over 1,100 families in Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant.

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